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Fluorescent BrghtenerOB-1 C.I.NO.393
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Spec: (5 kg x 1) (25 kg x 1) carton, paper bucket. expiry date: Long-term effective
Composition: Diphenyl vinyl bisbenzoxazole Parameters: 1. Outside view: yellow powder 2. Melting point: ≥ 359 ℃ 3. Purity: ≥ 98% 4. Fineness: greater than 300 mesh
Description: 1. Suitable for whitening polyester fiber, nylon fiber, polypropylene fiber and so on.  2. Suitable for whitening and brightening of polypropylene plastics, hard PVC, ABS, EVA, polystyrene, polycarbon Uses: Recommended dosage: every 1000kg materials to add OB-1 brightener: 1, EVA, polypropylene, nylon, polycarbonate, etc. in the amount of 75, 200 g.  2. The adding amount of polyester fiber is 75g and 300
preservation: 1. This product information is for reference only, if you have any technical or use problems, please contact with our company.  2. The technical advice provided by the company both orally and in writi characteristic: 1. High whitening intensity and strong fluorescence.  It is widely used in polyester, nylon fiber and various plastics whitening.  3. It has excellent high temperature resistance.
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